Dance team awaits a dedicated Senior Night


Dancers are excited for their Jan. 22 Senior Night, but changes have been made due to COVID-19 protocols. 

“It feels unreal.” senior Elizabeth Beattie said. “I just got sent the senior form the other day that says your favorite memory  and your college plans ,and that was really weird for me to see and have it pertain to me.”

In previous years, the dance team combined their Senior Night with the basketball team and cheer team Senior Nights.

“This year we can’t do  Senior Night with basketball on the same night because it would cause too much chaos in the gym,” Beattie said. “There would be too many people which is really sad because Senior Night is always packed bleacher to bleacher and everyone is cramming to fit in.”

Senior Jane Theofiledes said she thinks the change will enhance the event for the dance team.

“I’m really excited because I feel like it’s going to be more personalized for our team,” she said. “I just think it will be a greater experience for us after the year we all had and how hard it’s been. I’m happy we even get to do [Senior Night] due to the circumstances we’re in right now because of the pandemic. I think that we’re going to push it through and wear our new customized sequin masks. I’m looking forward to getting ready with seniors and walking down the tunnel because we all really look forward to that moment forever since we’ve all been on the dance team. .”

By Rebecca Benezra