Daily Beast ranks West Shore No. 24

The Daily Beast has West Shore ranked 24th on its list of top schools in the country, but only after being notified that it had made an error in its tabulations.

When the rankings were released earlier this year and West Shore was nowhere to be found, Mike Drake, the school’s testing coordinator, knew something wasn’t right. He quickly contacted editors at the magazine who admitted they had made a mistake. The online magazine restored West Shore to its proper ranking among the nation’s elite schools and  sent an apology email.

West Shore’s sister school — Edgewood Junior Senior High School on Merritt Island — is ranked at No. 31 and placed No. 16 among the publication’s 25 Best High Schools in the South.

“That’s not too surprising,” freshman Khalil Paul said. “Edgewood isn’t better than us at anything.”

But Austin Howard, who transferred from Edgewood to West Shore this year, begs to differ.

“Edgewood is worse on paper than West Shore,” he said. “But I like the people at the Wood a lot better than here —  especially the girls.”

By Evan Lanier