COVID-19 forces swim-season changes


Swim team following safety protocols at the Vera meet.

The swim team has changed its safety protocols due to COVID-19, altering how practices are run and what specifications it has to follow this season. 

“We have put a limit of no more than 24 Swimmers at one practice,” head coach Kyle Berry said. “In the pool we have four swimmers in each lane, two on each side of the pool.”

Even though this was a change due to COVID, Berry plans to keep the number of swimmers lower during future seasons.

“I really enjoy only having four per lane,” Berry said. “It opens up so much space at practice.”  

COVID has had another impact on the team.

Precautions at practice makes it a little less enjoyable,” junior swim team captain Austin Ponder said. “COVID has caused a large gap in the swim team.” 

COVID restrictions have caused swimmers to see less of their teammates.

“The negatives about doing two different groups [is] the team isn’t together every day,” Berry said.

This was hard for the swimmers to get used to. 

“With all these changes the team has really done an amazing job this season,” Berry said. “We have a team full of very tough student-athletes here at West Shore. I’m very proud of what they have accomplished so far.” 

By Alexis Clark