Band prepares for upcoming spring concert

The band department is currently occupying its class time by prepping for the upcoming spring concert scheduled for  May 2 at Eau Gallie High School. Though set in spring, the concert does not promote a theme of the season, but will feature cheerful music.

[The advanced band] is playing an original composition by this guy named Frank Ticheli, which is about the joy he experienced when he brought his children into the world,” band director Christopher Houze said. The song is upbeat and uplifting.

According to Houze, the band chooses music that plays to its strengths and doesn’t expose weaknesses.

We also try to pick music that’s challenging and stretching, and we don’t want anybody to play it perfectly on day one, otherwise were not growing as musicians,’’ Houze said. ’’So, it has to be a balance of (something that) can’t be too easy, because they can already do it and theyre bored. But it also cant be impossible, so it has to be something in between. I feel like we’ve done a pretty good job at finding music for the groups thats challenging and attainable.

However, advanced band member Gabby Wills said one of the pieces her band was assigned is too similar to previous pieces it has played, and it doesn’t challenge her enough.

I think we need to branch away from that and try new things,’’ Wills said. “Because that’s how you become better. I don’t see much point in playing an instrument unless you’re trying to get something meaningful out of it. 

By Riley Harper