Advanced musicians support rookies

Butterflies fluttered in the stomachs of beginning band students as they began to play their opening song at the first concert of the year recently. The anxious feelings faded away, however, as they finished their final song and received a standing ovation from the older band students.

“We have nostalgia over band,” said Brett Boss, a freshman member of jazz band. “It brought back memories.”

Beginning band member Ethan P. said he saw the ovation differently, and said he thought the applause was mocking.

“It was funny,” the seventh-grader said. “I thought they felt sorry for us.”

Despite just returning from a Thanksgiving holiday vacation, Band Director Christopher Houze said he thought the musicians performed admirably.

“I think it went well,” Houze said, “considering we just went on a five-day vacation and everybody was distracted. I think it’s hard to put things back together in three days, but considering that, I think we did a respectable job.”

To the older students, giving beginning band a standing ovation not only reminded them of their prior band years, but also gave them a chance to encourage the younger musicians and play the role of a proud mentor.

“I had to support the little children,” jazz band trombonist Andrew Stirna said with a grin. “It felt fantastic. I was proud of them. They did good.”

By Riley Harper