Chorus to perform again at Candlelight

Senior Hannah Kent said she’s looking forward to performing at Disney’s Candlelight event on Thanksgiving Day after having participating twice before. This year, Tony Award-winning actress, dancer and singer Chita Rivera will be the guest narrator.

“I’m super-excited about Candlelight,” Kent said. “It’s an incredible experience.”

Kent has been in chorus for seven years.

“I tried out several other instruments including the trumpet, the viola and the piano,” Kent said. “I just always kept coming back to chorus because it was natural for me.” 

Sophomore Chase Bost has been in chorus for two years.

“I have always been passionate about music,” said Bost, who participated in Candlelight two years ago. “But I’m a bit disappointed that we have to go on Thanksgiving day.” 

Bost is not the only one who has an issue with the schedule.

“I would have preferred Candlelight to be on a different day,” Kent said. “We’re kind of kicking it off.”

By Aislinn O’Neill