Chili cook-off set for Feb. 9

Cold days and hot chili make a good combination. That means it’s the perfect time for the media center to host a chili cook-off on Feb.9 during Power Hour. The cook-off isn’t just for fun, however. It is actually helping those in need.

“The cook-off is made to raise money for students who, let’s say, don’t have money for lunch that day,” media center assistant Sharon Duchaine said. “The social committee also helps staff that have relatives that are ill by sending them flowers or things like that.”

On the day of the cook-off, the media center will be closed to students and only adults and staff can compete because district regulations prohibit competition with the school cafeteria. Three judges will select the winners, and prizes will be given to the cooks.

“This time of year both students and teachers are stressed, and I think this is a good way to just sort of wind down and have a little fun,” social committee member Janice Kowing said. “This also is sort of a staff-building activity to help us all come together and have a good time.”

By Erik Dearmin