Chemistry Club gets sweet

AP Chemistry students Conner Miles and James Leonard, a  learned about what goes into making the perfect cookie at last week’s Chemistry Club meeting.

“[Teacher Robert] Klassen explained to us how different types of flour and fats added into the dough can change how the cookie can turn out,” said Leonard, a sophomore. “I know almost nothing about baking, so it was interesting to learn about it.”

Although there was no demonstration, Miles said he still enjoyed participating in the discussion about cookies.

“Last week we got a handout about the chemistry of cookies,” the sophomore said. ”Klassen just went over the sheet while adding some extra commentary.”

Klassen asked students to try their own recipes using the handout given and to bring in their best batches Monday.

“While this lab wasn’t as fun as some of our other meetings,” Miles said, “we still got a lot of information from it.”

Next week’s chemistry club will be a sort of end-of-the-year party.

By Cayman Alford