Cheerleaders pump up halftime routines

Blood, sweat and tears. The three things the cheerleading team had plenty of while working to perfect their five halftime routines.

“There are a lot of elements in the routine that makes it harder,” senior Allie Kellner said. ” We added a lot of  new skills, including a super-fun pyramid which is very difficult, and we have to have a lot of endurance in order to get through the whole two-and-a-half-minute routine.”

Coach Carrie Wadinski said she prefers the new routines.

“I like the routines better than last year,” she said. “I think they’re more fun, and this music is like what no one has ever heard before.”

Kellner added that the change has boosted morale.

 “I think we improve slightly every year and this year we have a more positive environment,” she said. “So I think that will also positively effect our performance.”

Wadinski said the changes haven’t been easy.

“Our stunts are a lot harder,” she said. “I don’t think the dances are that much harder than last year’s, so we can keep a sharp, clean routine.” We also have an excellent choreographer, Stephanie Woodbury, who gives us unique moves and routines and always goes looking for different ideas every year.”

By Sophia Pliego