Cheerleaders gear up for tryouts

Cheerleading tryouts will be held in April, so to prepare for them, coach Carrie Wadzinski has scheduled optional practices in the gym every Friday. These practices help beginners learn the basics of cheerleading, give the whole team the experience of working with new teammates and allow the members that have the potential of moving up to varsity to prove their dedication and to work with the varsity cheereaders.

“It helps us because it makes us feel more like a team,”junior Malea Nelson said. “Then when it is time for tryouts, we know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses,” 

Although every part of cheerleading will be needed for tryouts, senior Allie Kellner said the team likes to focus specific skills heading into tryouts.

“We mostly just stunt because it helps us get used to the new groups,” she said. “Then we have discussions on what we need to do to change or add for next season.”

By Sophia Pliego