Cheer team works on improving stunts, tumbling

Looking forward to next season, the cheer team has started to practice new stunts and tumbling.

Even though the team is trying to learn new stunts it doesn’t always work out.

“We usually get a lot done,” freshmen Calianna Counsman said. “Though it matters how many people we have because for the first two weeks there were only two of us at practice.”

While some enjoy tumbling practices, others enjoy stunting more.

“I like stunting more than tumbling,” freshmen Reese Ransom said. “Sometimes during the classes we would have nothing to do so we will work some tumbling because the place we go to has a tumbling track.”

The more classes that the whole team attends, the more it can accomplish.

“I like it when the whole team shows up to practices because it allows us to be able to learn more new stunts and not have to practice the same ones that we have learned before,” Ransom said.

Currently, the number of team practices has been limited.

“We have classes once a week,” Counsman said. “We hold our classes at Freedom Athletics and not in our school gym.”

By Reese Courtney