Cheer team takes on UCA camp

The West Shore cheer team will travel to a UCA camp at UCF in Orlando in July.

The cheer team stays for four days and 30 to 50 high schools go each year.

“This is our third time going,” freshman Reese Ransom said. “We come back with new skills and always learn a lot.”

 Ransom said the camp will help them perform better.

“The staff there helps us to learn new skills and more higher level stunts,” she said. “We will take what we learn and apply it to our routines.”

Freshman Calianna Counsman said the camp is a great experience for the girls. 

“It’s fun bonding for the whole team,” she said. “We always have a lot of fun for the days we are there.”

Ransom said she is excited for the camp.

“I am really pumped about going because we learn so many new cheers and it’s fun to come back to school as a better team altogether,” she said.

Ransom said she hopes this camp will melt the team together. 

“The new girls coming onto the team will have a chance to get to know everyone else,” she said. “Next season we need to be a team that has chemistry and this camp will help us with that. The more we cheer together, the better.”

Counsman said she is excited for the next season with the team.

“We have worked really hard,” she said. “This camp will help us improve so much, next year we will be performing better than ever.”

By Keira Lee