Cheer team readies for winter sports

Alysa Taylor

With winter sports starting soon, the cheer team is in full swing. The junior varsity and varsity squads have been prepping since June for the upcoming season. Overall, the two teams have a total of seven dances; varsity having four and JV having three with JV and varsity sharing a dance together. 

“I’m really nervous to perform because I don’t want to forget a move or do a move to another dance,” sophomore Sophia Pliego said. “I’m also excited for people to see it, however because these last couple practices have been tedious and all about perfecting, I think we’re ready to show our skills off.”

The cheerleaders attended a weeklong camp in June where they learned two of their dances, adding to the first dance they learned earlier in the summer with a choreographer. The varsity squad learned its last dance three weeks ago. Now, it’s all about fine-tuning and making sure the cheerleaders stick it every time. 

“My favorite part of the dances are the stunts,” sophomore Trinity Stivers said. “They’re challenging but still fun.”

By Alysa Taylor