’Cats easily whip Cocoa Beach

The middle-school boys’ basketball team advanced to a 2-0 record after a 62-29 victory against Cocoa Beach on Wednesday.

A solid defense led to an offensive flurry by the boys, who opened up a gap at the beginning of the game that they didn’t relinquish for the remainder of the match. Coach Derrick Hamilton said it’s about players buying into his approach.

“My philosophy depends on defense,” he said. “I thought we played well except for a few lapses. I’m excited, if the kids buy into my principles [because] then we shouldn’t have problems.”

Although the score might reflect a crushing victory, Hamilton says he always looks for ways to improve.

“Something we need to work on is our sportsmanship. I need to teach them not to lay it on when we are so far ahead, because one day we might be on the other end,” he said. “I try to teach from my experiences.”

Although the boys have yet to play on the road, Hamilton has full confidence they can win many more games
“When I came here I wanted to change West Shore sports, especially middle school boys’ and girls’ basketball,” he said. “If the kids buy in, then they can be as good as we want them to be. Overall I am happy with our 2-0 start.”

The next middle school boys’ game will be Tuesday against Cocoa.