Bulldogs defeat Wildcats in boys’ lacrosse

Despite the Cats’ heart in the closing quarters of the game, the boys’ varsity lacrosse team lost to the Melbourne High School Bulldogs 11-7, dropping to a 4-4 record on the season.

The Cats were lead by senior captain Ian Chan who had three goals in the game.  Despite Chan’s valiant effort, he blames the mentality of the team for their lackluster performances after opening their season with consecutive wins.

“We have been really inconsistent,” Chan said. ” When we play against teams that we can beat we play to our full potential, but it seems that when we play against bigger teams we almost give up and stop trying.  I don’t really understand it, you would think that if we were playing a bigger team that we would try harder so that we could win and prove ourselves, but we just seem like we expect to lose so we stop trying.”

Despite being frustrated at his team’s mentality, Chan also emphasized that their loss could be blamed on luck.

“Sometimes we have off games where things don’t go our way.  I think we have the potential to beat all of the big teams because we have a lot of talented guys,” said Chan.

The Cats will take on the Viera High School Hawks Tuesday, March 11 as they try to improve their record to 5-4 and get back over .500.  The game will take place at Viera and will start at 7 p.m.