Bramel’s return lifts cheer team

With the varsity cheer squad preparing for the upcoming games, challenges and hardships arise, as well as injuries. Sophomore Emmy Bramel has been out of the season due to a knee injury but is now returning for game season.

“I was able to go to the practices during the summer, but our first practice coming back to school was my last and I wasn’t able to participate in any until recently,” Bramel said. “It was really difficult to watch the team progress as a whole while I was just on the sidelines; but at the same time, I’m glad I was able to see the team progress.”

Bramel is side base during the stunts which is a key role as she is one of main people to lift the flier into the air. From doing an excessive amount of physical activity during the summer, the pressure in her knee started to build up side-lining her until recently. Even though Bramel is back, she is still limited as she is not fully healed.

“I have to wear a knee brace and ice it whenever I can to keep continuing cheer. As of right now, I’m not allowed to do any tumbling or anything that would add excess tensions to my knee,” Bramel said. “One of my main goals for the season is to hopefully gain back my full strength to get back to where I was and hopefully even stronger before the season ends.”

By Alysa Taylor