Boys’ lacrosse team makes gains

The boys’ lacrosse team continues to prepare for the start of the lacrosse season, beginning team workouts in addition to their other regularly-scheduled practices.

“Last year we lifted, but it was after school, but this preseason we’re lifting in the morning,” junior Zane Sanders said.

The team’s early-morning workouts start with stretching at about 6:50 a.m., lifting weights for an hour, then finishing around 8 a.m., every Tuesday and Thursday.

“I think lifting will be very beneficial for the team because it will allow us to take hits and deal them back out, plus we’ll be bigger,” Sanders said.

Junior Chris Johnson agrees.

“Weightlifting will help us with the physical aspect of lacrosse, as well as improve our shot speed,” he said. “Generally, it’s just good to be strong, no matter the sport.”

Johnson said he hopes the time spent lifting together will boost the team’s athleticism and camaraderie.

“I’m definitely excited to see its effects later in the season,” he said.

By Abi Johnson