Boys’ lacrosse ramps up conditioning

Lacrosse conditioning started a few weeks ago and as time has gone, it has gotten harder. When conditioning started, the team practiced by doing basic drills such as crunches, jump ropes, parachutes and runs. Now it has made some slight adjustments to the workout routine.

“We slowly started with smaller workouts and throughout this past month we have increased the intensity of our core workouts,” Ryan Canavan (12) said. “We have increased the distance we run and we are pushing ourselves more and more every practice.”

During each conditioning session, participants run the mile and, four weeks in, Canavan already notices a difference.

“I do see some improvement,” he said. “I was always out of breath in the beginning, and now I can run the mile way easier.” 

Kellen Fitzgerald (9) said there is some more to do to prepare for the upcoming season including harder, more intense drills and working better together as a team.

“I think that teamwork is something that we all need to improve on,” he said. “That and communication.”

Max Aronson (9) said he expect the team to be at its best by the start of the season.

“I do believe that we will be prepared and, although we won’t be the top team, we’ll be better than last year,” he said.

By Rayana Camilo