Boys’ lacrosse begins conditioning

The boys’ lacrosse team has begun conditioning for the upcoming season that starts at the end of January. Conditionings, held every Tuesday and Thursday, include hard running, lifting up to 100 pounds and leg work.

“Coach [Chuck] Landmesser has us really working hard to hopefully have a very successful season,” junior Jon Saladino said. “He doesn’t really allow us to have time for funny business, and is a really no-nonsense type of coach.”

Sophomore Luke Nevins says he has high hopes for this season.

“Even though we lost a lot of our team due to seniors leaving, we have a lot of good new players like Axel [Jiborn] and Chris [Saladino],” Nevins said. “I expect us to crush everybody because we are going to be really good this season.”

By Matthew Marcinkowski