Boys’ JV team adds nine new faces

The boys’ junior varsity basketball team roster is set following tryouts last week.

“We have a lot of newer players this year,” sophomore Ayden Lew said. “Even though they may be new, they bring a lot of talent to the table this year that could help improve the team.”

The new players include Kenneth De Los Angeles, Rohan C. Patel, Austin Gonzalez, Garrett Jerdon, Tony Hedrick, Kyle Caudill, Matthew Marcinkowski Austin Howard and Lucas Blackwell. Returning players to the JV team include Lew, Jett Morgan and Khalil Paul.

“I expect us returning players to contribute more compared to last year because we have gained a lot of experience during the offseason,” Lew said.”We won’t be as nervous because we have been on this stage before and it won’t be as new to us like last year.”

Many of last year’s JV players have been moved up to varsity to fill the vacant spots. Those players include Evan Lanier, Juan Rodriguez, David Thompson, Max Cormier and Jace Petrowski.

By Kyle McDonald