Boys, girls lacrosse condition together

Lacrosse conditioning has a new look as the  boys and girls have begun working out together for the first time.

But Allie Richards (10)  has some concerns.

I think down the line it might be weird when the season really starts and we practice separately again like past years,” she said.

In previous years, the boys’ and girls’ teams often found themselves coordinating which field they would practice on.

I first thought that it was a good idea [to condition together] since we don’t have to split the field, there will be much more room [for both teams], therefore more conditioning,” Rylan Runske (9) said.

The dynamic between the two teams will change when they come together to practice their skills.

“I think when games start we will be cheering each other on more because we’re developing friendships with the other team,” Richards said. “It’s also possible that some people might start trying to show off and maybe they’ll get better from it.”

Richards said conditioning with the boys will advance her skills as a goalie.

“The guys shoot a lot faster and by practicing with them,” she said. “The girls’ shots will seem wimpy when games start.” 

By Aubrey Tegland