Boys’ basketball looks to improve on 3-7 record

With the first half of its season over and currently standing at a 3-7 record, the boy’s varsity basketball team is looking to turn its season around. The goal for the next couple of months?

“Just keep improving.” Coach Tony Riopelle said. “That’s all it is, just keep working hard. Right now we’re just trying to learn how to win. I think in the beginning of the season we had to compete, now that we’ve kind of learned how to compete, we just have to get over the hump and win.”

Sophomore Khalil Paul agrees.

“It’s not going as we planned, but we are starting to learn how to play as a team and we are going to try to improve as much as we can this season,” Paul said. “The plan for improving starts by working on our defense and setting different goals that will hopefully motivate us to get better so we can achieve these goals.”

The boys will play a home game against Space Coast tonight at 7.

By Taylor Smith