Boys’ basketball knocks off Merritt Island

Led by senior Evan Lanier’s 28 points, the boys basketball team defeated Merritt Island 60-48 in a preseason game Thursday night in a preseason game. 

“We started the game rough because we were playing a conservative defense and also because we couldn’t get past Merritt Island’s 1-3-1 defense,” senior Juan Rodriguez said. “We had practiced for it and put in plays for it, but once we got in the game there was nowhere to pass the ball. It was turnover city, but once the pressing squad subbed in we absolutely annihilated them and came back.”

Rodriguez assessed his own game.

” I dropped 10 points, however I started the game out rough. I was sore and tight and just wasn’t into the game, but once I started applying pressure and got a few quick buckets, I was able to get it going from downtown ( 3 point range).”

Lanier had a monster game.

“I did pretty well,” Lanier said. “I went 12 for 14 from the free-throw line. We just kept getting runouts in transition, and I was just in the right place at the right time so my teammates saw me and passed me the ball. I did have the 28 points, but that came off of good play by the team. I was just the one to finish it off most of the time.”

The boys travel to Titusville Astronaut to begin regular-season play on Monday.

By Carl Koko