Bowlers score highly despite loss

On the girls’ bowling team, sophomores Mika Bilicki and Callia Karas and junior Kailey Fairchild scored 182, 103, and 100 respectively in one of the season’s best games. Rolling solid scores on the boys’ team were freshman Chris McCarthy with a score of 169, junior Schuyler Schrader with a score of 168, and sophomore Travis Hoibarten with a score of 151. Unfortunately these rolls were not enough for the team to come out with a win.

“Our West Shore team applauds Covenant’s smooth rolling. Covenant bowled extremely well. All five girls scored 150 or more points, and four of their five boys scored more then 150 points,” Coach Jim Peterson said. “I’m always proud of all our bowlers, every time they compete in a match. It was very gratifying when the Covenant coach told me: ‘It was a real pleasure playing your team. All your bowlers have positive friendly attitudes, and they are respectful and supportive of one another and their competitors.'”

The next bowling match will be Tuesday against Melbourne.