Board OKs reinstating buses for next year

In a recent board meeting, the Brevard County approved regional busing for West Shore. They system would employ “hubs” to use the busing in the most efficient way.

“From what we know, it won’t be a bus just going to West Shore,” Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said. “Parents would have to get the kids to a central hub, kind of like a bus stop, and the bus would stop at the different programs. The bus could be stopping at different sites, we don’t know.”

Until 2013, the school board provided corridor busing for students at choice schools. Under that system, a fleet of buses stopped at centrally located sites throughout the county and transported student directly to the school.

Halbuer said the return of buses could increase the diversity of the students and provide more equal access for the school. 

“I think we would have more applicants,” she said. “Not all families can pay for gas, own a reliable car or can take off for work to manage these rides,  so the school will have more equitable access to different groups if we get buses.”

The School Board will issue more busing information to us after the start of the new year.

By Madhav Pamidimukkala