Basketball team closes book on last season

Last year’s basketball season ended three players suspended and one player cut from the team altogether.

“The ending was horrible because the team’s mindset was messed up from all of the drama,” junior Charley Pavlick said.

The disruption of last year’s season clearly impacted the team’s record.

“We all had the expectations of being a good team, but we let the expectations ruin us,” junior Luca Sullivan said. ” We underestimated certain teams and we generally started games slow.

Both Pavlick and Sullivan said the team can play to its full potential if it members don’t do anything silly.

“We can improve this year by not letting the small things get to us,” Pavlick said. “If we are disciplined and work as a team I think we can be one of the best teams.”

Sullivan said he wants to leave last season in the past.

“The ending of last year was less than ideal because of all the shenanigans,” he said.

By Adrian Delia