Athletes balance testing and practice

FSA and EOC testing is going on all over West Shore’s campus this time of year. For powerlifters, they are having to balance studying for the FSA and EOC and their weekly training for powerlifting competitions.

“The FSA testing has definitely been tiring because I’m up late studying,” sophomore lifter Makayla Peterson said. “Studying doesn’t affect me much since I lift early in the morning but I’ve definitely gotten a lot lazier about it.” said Peterson.

Sophomore Jacob Kent is not only a powerlifter but runs for the track team.

“I am used to lifting early in the morning so my body has adjusted.” Kent said. “It affects me as much as lifting on any other school day would.”

FSA and EOC testing will soon also be joined by AP exams moving in to the final stretch of the 2016-2017 school year.

By Michael Lucente