Art students, teacher adapt to e-learning

Because the COVID-19 pandemic, 21 of art teacher Matthew Henderson’s students have opted to be e-learners. As a result, Henderson has provided needed art supplies for e-learners to pick up in the school’s media center.

“I mainly have 2D students this term so I am sending paints, canvases and drawing paper home for them,” Henderson said.

Elena W., an e-learner in MJ Studio Art 1, said she already had most of the art supplies at home.

“The only thing that I did have to go pick up was paper that was a specific size for different projects,” she said. “I live about 30 minutes away from school, but I go to a gym right next door, so I pick up my supplies then.”

Elena said that she believes the class would be easier in school.

“I would have more guidance with what I’m working on,” she said. “And that is not the teacher’s fault, he does a great job, but doing it from home he can’t just walk by and say ‘oh, here maybe do this instead of that.’”

Beyond that, a difficulty for Henderson is presenting examples to e-learners.

“It has been a challenge trying to figure how [to] demonstrate to the class and e-learners at the same time but I am working through it, as most of the teachers are,” Henderson said.

Every day students submit what they have completed during that block.

“We have a daily section where we turn in a picture of everything we did in class that day,” Elena said, “For projects, we turn in a separate picture of the completed work.”

By Addisyn Willner

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools Policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district-sponsored websites.