AP exams loom large

Exams produce a stressful time for many, but studying becomes an even more arduous task when AP classes are involved in the mix.

“I take AP human geography with [teacher Brooke Owen-Thomas] and in order to prepare for exams I’ve just been reading from the textbook over the past month, using my review books, and using apps such as Quizlet to help reduce the stress of taking my exam,” sophomore Lily Schutt said. “I just tried to start studying like one month earlier, but I usually get stressed out about taking exams regardless of whether or not I study for them.”

Sophomore Courtney Carter said she feels prepared heading into the exams.

“The workload of my AP class is far more strenuous than that of my normal classes, but I have put extra time into studying for my AP exam,” she said. “After the stresses of studying, I am happy to say I am confident in my skills and my ability to pass this exam.”

By Christopher Sorgenfrei