AP exam conflict causes consternation

While Advanced Placement testing is scheduled to conclude May 17, some students will have to make up exams after the two-week scheduled testing window, due to conflicting examination times. One such conflict involves the AP Spanish and AP Capstone Seminar exams, both of which were scheduled to be taken May 7 at 8 a.m.

“It was really frustrating at first because I heard in past years that makeup dates were during the summer so that was a concern,” junior Tyanna Tizol said. “I decided to make up the AP Spanish exam because I care more about Capstone and wanted to focus on that and not put it off. I’m more confident with the AP Spanish test, so I don’t mind making up that test as opposed to the AP Capstone one.”

Six students experienced the conflict between AP Spanish and AP Capstone testing.

“It’s honestly just annoying that [College Board] would schedule both exams in one day, knowing that AP Capstone Seminar is all juniors and there can, and most likely will, be juniors in AP Spanish,” junior Diego Vento said. “They could have scheduled the Spanish exam at the same time as another foreign language because people are less likely to take both of those.”

The makeup date for both exams is May 24, with  AP Capstone Seminar taking place 8 a.m and AP Spanish at noon.

By Jonelle Plahuta