AP exam causing human dilemmas

The exam for AP Human Geography is scheduled for Friday, the same day seventh-period semester exams begin which means sophomore Alysa Taylor and freshman Bailey Hetzel will take both exams on the same day. The scheduled dates for Advance Placement exams is set nationally.

“I’m upset at the fact that I have to go from one really long and difficult test to only having an hour in between and then taking my math test,” Taylor said. “Both are really important to my grades, and I need to do study for both at once”.

The AP exam will finish around 11:30 a.m. and the seventh-period exams begin at 1:15 p.m.

“Its my first-ever AP exam and I wish I got the normal experience of being able to leave and not have to do anything after the test,” Hetzel said.

Seniors who are taking the AP exam face yet another conflict: It’s being given on graduation day which caused graduation practice to be held Thursday.

In addition, seniors taking exam have to come to school rather than spending the day preparing for the ceremony. AP Human Geography is the last exam to be given before finals.

By Audrey Johnson