Anti-vaping presentation scheduled for January

A guest speaker will be visiting campus early next semester to discuss the dangers of vaping. The speaker will be giving two presentations that will be held on Jan. 11 during home room in the gym.

Student Government officers found out about the speaker while attending a recent a district workshop.

“When the [middle school and high school SGA officers] came back [from the workshop], they said the guest speaker was really, really good,” Assistant Principal Catherine Halbuer said. “They would like to have us invite the guest speaker to talk to our students. They thought it would be impactful.”

Halbuer said she has no doubt the speaker will bring value to the students.

“I have not yet seen the presentations,” she said. “I do trust the officers to know what would be beneficial and of interest to the student body.”

Halburer said she wants the presentation to curtail student vaping.

“I’m just hoping it will limit vaping among students as a whole,” she said. “And just not on our campus, because it is considered dangerous to your health.”

Sophomore Dylan Bissessarsingh said he is skeptical the presentation will have much of an impact.

“People, especially our age, can be sort of stubborn,” he said. “Unless you can convince they that they’re guaranteed to live terrible lives if they keep vaping, there’s a fair likelihood it won’t discourage people as much as administration is probably hoping.”

By Michael Stewart