All-State Chorus

Earlier this month the All-State Chorus took place in Tampa on Jan. 9 through Jan. 12.  All-State Chorus is a conference of highly selective groups of chorus students from Florida’s middle and high schools who are brought together for rehearsing and performing selected music with guest conductors.

“There was an audition process,” seventh grader Mady A. said. “We first had to audition in front of Mrs. Davis, and then had to take a musician test where we had to sight read music.”

The selected chorus students included seniors Ian Chan, Clay Uhing, Ryan Wheat, Lexie Krehbiel, Greta Schledorn, and Kristina Manning, along with junior Connor Courtney and seventh grader Mady A.

“I was the only person in middle school who tried out, because none of my friends wanted to try out with me,” Mady said. “It felt good being selected but it was also nerve racking.”

During the three day conference, students learned new music and then got the chance to perform what they learned.

“It was vigorous at first because we were sitting and practicing for a long time, but then it was fun when we actually got to perform,” the seventh grader said.

By Victoria Brunner