Advice for stressed-out students


According to MedHelpAlert, around 70 percent of students are often stressed-out with schoolwork. A statistic, guidance counselor Karamia Lujan, can attest to as she has had students come to her feeling stressed out and anxious.

“I feel like your job at this age is to be a student,” she said. “Anything that brings you joy on top of that is icing on the cake.”

In an article called “Burnout,” Lujan details ways for students to relax and relieve their stress, one of them being to get some sleep.

“And once you feel like you’ve achieved some rest, then start making decisions about what you can start taking off your schedule,” Lujan said.

Lujan tells students to remove things that aren’t mandatory or don’t bring them joy.

Assistant principal Glenn Webb said he sympathizes with those who feel overwhelmed with schoolwork.

“I think getting back into the swing of education after a year of challenge is not an easy process,” he said. “So we got to do it together.”

By Sydney Tran