Administration denies proposed field trip

Administration has refused to permit a proposed Spanish Honor Society field trip to Epcot, resulting in mixed feelings and a lingering struggle for the club’s members. A lack of educational value is the reason for not permitting such a trip.

After canceling their original St. Augustine field trip due to expenses and other issues, members of the club are continuing to search for possible field trips to satisfy  their standards.

“Of course we are all disappointed we cannot go to Epcot,” President Lili Tzou said. “Everyone was looking forward to it and it would have been a fun activity to do with the club, but we understand where administration is coming from.”

But freshman Jenna Franklin disagreed with the decision.

“I think that a field trip to Epcot would have educational value,” she said, “because we would be able to learn about various cultures throughout the world through food and clothing and not just through reading and writing.”

In the meantime, the club continues to prepare for its annual International Fiesta which will be held at the end of April.

By Auston Gonzalez