Yearbook distribution ramps up

Starting this week, the Arcadia 2018 yearbook is the talk of the school since distribution of the books began on Monday. They can be picked up in Room 3-104 throughout the week. This yearbook, like every yearbook, has gotten both praise and constructive criticism. Some students, like Paul Winslow and James Wood, have mixed feelings about the yearbook.

“This is my first year at West Shore so this is my first high-school level yearbook,” seventh-grader Paul Winslow said. “It’s way better and a lot bigger than the ones in elementary school. I think it’s really cool to have such a fancy yearbook. I wish I was in it more, but I guess I should join more clubs and stuff to get photographed.”

Sophomore James Wood also purchased a yearbook.

“I’ve bought a yearbook for the past few years and honestly this is one of the better ones,” Wood said. “I like that the cover isn’t white like the last one, so it won’t get as dirty. But I wish the inside covers were a lighter color so people could sign them and the matte black outside got dusty super fast.”

Yearbooks will continue to be distributed throughout the week and possibly into next week.

By Shelbi Winslow