Varsity boys’ basketball heads to preseason tournament

Basketball+going+through+a+hoop / Markus Spiske

Basketball going through a hoop

The varsity boys’ basketball team will be attending a preseason tournament that takes place in New Smyrna Beach today and Wednesday. At the tournament, they will be playing against basketball teams from other schools to prepare for the season. 

Junior center Gunther Rogers said he believes the tournament will help the team work on their game and give them experience.

“This will give us a chance to work on our communication, teamwork, and plays,” Rogers said. “And it will show us how we work together in the game.”

Junior point guard Garrett Martin said he believes it is a way for the varsity team to get ready for the beginning of the season and a chance for the team to bond.

“The whole varsity team is going, even the three managers we have,” Martin said. “So I think this will be a great way for everyone to warm up to each other in a real game setting”

Martin said he believes the tournament will give the coaches a sneak peek of how the team will perform.

“It will give both coaches and players a feel for how the season might go and will allow us to adjust our play in order to be ready for the season,” Martin said.

By Abegail Eason