Three weeks later, how are those resolutions going?


Sophomore Christian Rebec said New Year’s resolutions are pointless in today’s society. 

“I personally don’t have a New Year’s resolution,” Rebec said. “I think nobody sticks to their New Year’s resolution and it’s all a lie and everyone keeps it up for a week at most and then gives up.”

Rebec said he finds it frustrating with the number of people that make resolutions but never follow through with them, especially when their resolutions involve going to the gym.

“There’s so many people nowadays that make resolutions to be healthier and get fit, and they all get gym memberships at the start of the new year and they make the gym more crowded,” Rebec said. “After a couple of weeks, it is definitely noticeable that there are less people going to the gym to workout.”

Sophomore Jack Boucher said people should be more motivated to complete their resolutions.

“People shouldn’t give up on their resolutions so quickly,” Boucher said. “They need to put more effort into their goals and them giving up just shows their weakness.”

While Rebec doesn’t have a New Year’s resolution, he said he enjoys the special holiday traditions that he has with his family.

“On New Year’s, I go with my family to Santa’s Last Stop at Bass Pro Shops, which is Santa’s last day before he goes away for the year,” Rebec said. “Afterwards, we go to Buffalo Wild Wings, get some wings and then go home. It’s a tradition that I have had with my family for many years so I really like it.”

By Chloe Garoust