Slam Poetry Club seeks new members


The Slam Poetry Club is searching for new members. In the club, poetry is written, recited and reviewed by participating members. For example, freshman Hannah Jones is currently memorizing It’s no use / Mother dear by Sappho. 

“I’m a writer, so it’s easy for words to come to me,” Jones said.

The club is sponsored every Thursday in room 4-204 by English teacher Kimberly Walling. The club is hosted by freshman Sophia Fetouh.

“It’s a very positive environment, and I love the energy Sophia brings to the club,” freshman Elena Konicki said.

Fetouh started the club with the hope that other students would fall in enjoy with poetry like she does.

“I used to hate [poetry], but recently I’ve been more in touch with it and I fell in love,” Fetouh said.

By Francis Lewandowski