Seniors struggle to agree on skip days

As the end of the first semester approaches, seniors have had trouble finding time to schedule senior skip days, Senior Class Secretary Faith Collins said. So far, only a handful of seniors skip at a time.

“There haven’t been any official senior skip days, and those that have been semi-orchestrated have had around 20 or 30 people I believe,” Collins said.

Senior Anisha Gandhi said there was one day she was certain was a senior skip day, but unsure of any others.

“I participated in the one on the day we came back from Halloween,” Gandhi said. ”But I think some people skipped after college applications were due and maybe another day to get a longer weekend.”

Collins said fear of falling behind behind on school work is the reason for a lack of participation.

“Workload has played a major role in my opinion and is personally why I have not participated in any skip days,” Collins said. “It is just difficult to balance school with personal life and by missing one day at West Shore, you end up with double or triple the amount of work.”

Another factor stems from numerous testing days.

“Every single time we come up with a good day, somebody has a test,” senior Sasha Girard said. “Especially now in twelfth grade, people are taking all types of classes because there’s not as many restrictions with our class requirements.”

In addition, seniors haven’t been able to collectively agree on skip days.

“We discuss in the group chat if someone has an idea for a skip day,” she said. “But it’s just hard getting everyone to coordinate and plan around everyone’s personal lives.”

Although Collins said she expects more participation going forward.

“Second semester is probably when more skip days will happen,” she said. “We are saving absences for when we start to get tired and stressed with school.”

Gandhi said her classmates are striving to find a day when everyone can participate.

“I want to see a day where no senior comes in at all,” she said. “That would be awesome.”

By Jolie Russo