Senior wins Congressional Medal

On May 14, senior Ilana Krause was awarded the Congressional Medal of Merit. Every year, congressman Bill Posey awards the medal to one high school senior from every school for outstanding academic achievement, a commitment to their communities, and civic involvement. They are leaders in the area of peer respect, school citizenship, and are involved in extracurricular activities. Student government sponsor Bob Sarver nominated Krause for the award.

Sarver said Krause is very dedicated, participating in numerous extracurricular activities throughout high school.

“I nominated her because of the multitude of things she’s been involved in the entire time she has been at West Shore, from Future Problem Solvers to Ethics Club,” Sarver said.

Testing coordinator Mike Drake said that Principal Rick Fleming chose Krause because of her participation in school and leadership qualities.

“The student who the principal picks isn’t necessarily the one with the highest GPA, he picks the most well-rounded student for the medal,” Drake said. “The award isn’t something someone can apply for or try to win, but if I were a freshman who wanted to win this award, I would get involved, be a good student, and be a leader at school.”

Sarver added that Krause is always working hard.

“She’s always pushing herself, doing more than what appears to be humanly possible, more than I could ever do,” Sarver said.