Scientists win awards, scholarships

Nicholas Baker, staff writer

Sixty-five students competed at science fair last weekend, of which 47 placed. West Shore also took the best of show, with Michelle Chin winning in senior biological, and Varun Bansal winning in senior physical. Middle school student River G. also won best of show for the junior division.

Rashad Abdulla and Sanju Vardhan each took the runner-up positions for best of show for the senior division, and Mohammed A. won the junior division runner-up for best of show.

Bansal and Chin will both move on to compete in the International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix in May.

The following students placed first in their senior division category, and will move on to compete at state:
Srimayi Tenali – Chemistry
Michael Thomas – Engineering
Margarita Cruz-Sanchez – Environmental
Rashad Abdulla – Math
Sanju Vardhan – Medicine & Health
Aalekhya Tenali – Microbiology
Varun Bansal – Physics
Michelle Chin – Plant Science

These students won first in their category for the junior division:
River G. – Animal Science
Aaron H. – Environmental
Mohammed A. – Math
Roba S. – Microbiology

The senior division second place winners include:
David Freeman – Animal Science
Elena Abascal – Behavioral
David Anderson – Biochemistry
Ryan Wheat – Chemistry
Ahmed Naas – Earth & Space
Ananda Sundararaman – Physics
Joy Sawangkum – Plant Science

The middle school second place winners are:
Jeff H. – Animal Science
Brandon R. – Biochemistry
Adam L. – Computer Science
Huda N. – Earth & Space
Andres C. – Math
Fatima H. – Plant Science

High school third place winners in the senior division are:
Caroline Baney – Behavioral
Jarrett Henkel – Computer Science
Carissa Sage – Earth & Space
Nick Baker – Engineering
Matthew Booe – Engineering
Brett Napier – Environmental
Jacob Smithe – Medicine & Health

Middle school third place winners are:
Brittany R. – Behavioral
Heidi B. – Earth & Space
Noah W. – Engineering
Sacha L. – Environmental
Lily M. – Microbiology
Parker S. – Plant Science

High school fourth place winners are:
Avi Patel – Engineering
Ciera Misner – Environmental

Middle school fourth place winners are:
Ryan R. – Engineering
Austin C. – Engineering
Sophia P. – Medicine & Health
Christian N. – Medicine & Health
Anna F. – Microbiology
Calista F. – Microbiology
Brendan K. – Physics
Kyle M. – Physics

The following students won $54,000 scholarships to FIT:
Caroline Baney
Michelle Chin
Jarrett Henkel
Brett Napier
Mohammed Abdulla
Ananda Sundararaman
David Freeman

The following students won $42,000 scholarships to FIT:
Joy Sawangkum
Matthew Booe
Sierra Purden
Rashad Abdulla
Aalekhya Tenali
Sanju Vardhan

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district websites.