Physics class deals with AC outage

Joseph Estevez’s physics classes had to deal with a broken air conditioning system Monday. The classroom reached the mid 80s, but normal teaching continued.

“I feel like the students managed the temperature better than I managed the temperature,” Estevez said.

The heat did affect how Estevez was feeling throughout the classes, and he speculates that students felt the same way.

“I [couldn’t] drink coffee because I drink hot coffee,” Estevez said. “My brain is accustomed to having that caffeine, so if I don’t have my coffee, I get easily frustrated and my processing time increases.”

There was also a concern that the temperature affected the feelings of students.

“I know that they recognized that it’s warm,” Estevez said. “So if they are thinking about anything other than what they should be learning, then that’s not necessarily a good thing.”

Students seemed to participate the way they normally would, according to Estevez, and they used fans to fight the heat.

“We took out the fans, which were lab equipment, and put them on the desks,” Estevez said. “We were able to cool ourselves a little bit.”

By Alexandria Wright