Midnights Album Release

Midnights Album Release

Mackenzie Sullivan, Website Editor

Fans anticipate Taylor Swift’s new album after she announced at MTV Video Music Awards she is releasing an album in the middle of October featuring 13 songs with a run time of 44 minutes called Midnight.

As of right now, my top three favorite songs are Bejeweled, Vigilante, and Lavender Haze, senior and Taylor Swift fan Grace Mandese said. “I stayed up until midnight to hear her new songs and even later when she released an extra seven songs. This album is my favorite of her discography, her lyrics were well thought out and relatable.”

The album joins Taylor Swift’s fan theory about the “Lover House” featured in her music video for Lover. The theory states that every room is based on an album. For example, Red is the dining room and Reputation is the attic. Midnights fill the sky and the background shows a dark snowy forest. After her initial release of the Midnight album at twelve a.m., three hours later she released an extension of the album called Midnights three a.m. edition.

Swift consistently releases albums year after year, sometimes more than once a year including her re-recorded music. After her public legal battle with Scooter Braun who owns all of her earlier music except her re-recordings.

Her album has one feature of Lana del Ray which features her vocals and producer Jack Antonoff who has produced her music since her 2014 album, 1984. In her own words, this album is devoted to her life story where she recounts the important sleepless nights that assisted her career.