Middle school play set for Nov. 16

The middle school play “Survival of Ukocono” is scheduled to premiere Nov. 16 in the auditorium.

Eighth-grader Jerry S. said that even though this is his first play, he is not at all nervous for his performance.

“My friends influenced me to be in the play,” he said. “Oddly enough I’m more excited than scared. I just want to see how the play turns out.”

The play is about an island off the coast of Brazil, which is covered by mist and when the mist parts the island is exposed. The tribes that live on this island are terrified that people will see their home and begin to construct a modern society on their native grounds.

Eighth-grader Tessa S. is familiar with this play and thinks it is a perfect fit with the cast.

“I am beyond in love with this play,” said Tess, who plays a tribal leader. “I am stoked to be a lead.”

Tickets will be on sale Nov. 11-15.

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middler-schoolers’ last names on district web sites.