Media staffs attend statewide workshop


The staffs of The “Roar” news magazine and WCTZ News recently had a chance to meet students from different schools and other publications via a Florida Scholastic Press Association statewide workshop, which was held virtually because of pandemic restrictions.

According to “Roar” editor in chief Sophia Bailly, the event proved to be an all-around positive and beneficial experience.

The workshops were insanely insightful,” she said. “I feel like as a whole, events like this help our staffs to grow and become stronger publications.” 

The workshop included multiple sessions with varying focuses.

I joined a session for live newspaper critique, a photography class and one about social media,” Bailly said.

However not all student media groups were part of the event, yearbook was absent due to a lack of overall interest from students in the group. But that doesn’t mean yearbook students don’t have their own events and major dates to look forward to.

“Important dates are our plant deadlines,” editor in chief Haley Alvarez-Lauto said. “We have five big deadlines this year in which we send out around 56 pages every time. Oct, 26 was our first deadline in which we sent out all 56 pages of a combination of chronological sports and advertising spreads. While yearbook staff did not attend the virtual FSPA district event, we always look forward to the big state event in Orlando in April. Unfortunately the 2020 was canceled, but we are looking forward to hopefully being able to attend 2021.” 

By Kian Nezamoddini