Mary Poppins tap auditions

Jenna Bratman and Ian Kennedy

Lead by senior Devin Dolnik, auditions for a tapping role in the fall musical, “Mary Poppins,” occurred Wednesday, September 2 in the auditorium. Dolnik taught the participants a series of different tap combinations that came directly out of the choreography from one of the songs, “Step in Time.”

“Ms. Fallon wanted to use the Broadway choreography and the choreography [alumni] Ashley Thayer came up with,” Dolnik said.  “But that was difficult in it’s own way, because it’s hard to count the steps in tap since [those in the video] were moving their feet too fast.  I had to watch the same five seconds of the video over and over again before I knew what they were doing.”

Sophomore Rachel Montgomery was one of the students to audition for a tapping role involved with the production.

“For the audition, Devin basically had a tap workshop,” Montgomery said.  “For theatre, I’ve never done tap before but I’ve learned dances from Devin in the past, so I was familiar with how she teaches.”

Out of the group that auditioned, twenty four students will be selected to preform as tap dancers.