Lady Wildcats upend Edgewood 45-27

The girls’ basketball team defeated Edgewood 45-27 Tuesday night in the West Shore gym. 

“I’m always looking to improve my offense. As everyone on the team knows, I’m more of a defensive player, but I’m trying to step up my game and enhance my dribbling,” sophomore Naya Erfe said. “Since West Shore and Edgewood are rivals it felt good to beat them.”

On Monday night, senior Mary Billhartz injured her ankle when she fell after passing the ball. Despite the injury, she was still able to play in the Edgewood game.

“I think I played pretty good considering I sprained my ankle last night and could barely walk,” Billhartz said. “It feels great to beat Edgewood because our last few games haven’t been very good so winning was nice and also it was Edgewood so that’s always a plus.”

By Erin O’Brien