JV will cheer at all basketball games

As basketball season approaches, varsity cheer coach Kaitlyn Hoskins said she doesn’t need to think about the team’s performance at most games. Because most of the varsity cheerleaders are on the new competitive cheer team, it was decided that JV would perform at the games instead.

Cheering at two [or more] games a night each week, plus practice three days a week, plus competitions on Saturdays is a lot to ask of student athletes.” Hoskins said. “[They] still need to work, do school work and participate in other obligations.”

Eighth-grader Carina W., who is in her second year on the JV team, said the team is prepared for their upcoming performances.

“We have learned a bunch of dances and chants in a short time.” Carina said. “We have done pretty well at all our practices and games so far.”

Sophomore Juliet Polito, who recently moved up to varsity this year, said expects to enjoy this season more than last.

“I feel like the team is really put together and our routines are more advanced than when I was on JV last year,” Polito said. “I enjoy being able to do more advanced stunts.”

Sophomore Chloe Marrs said she found it stressful to cheer at every basketball game last season.

“It took a lot of time and energy,” she said. “This season we are only cheering at select games though.” 

Marrs added that not cheering at as many games will make the season more enjoyable.

“I think it will help me fall back into love with the sport rather than it feeling like a chore,” she said.

By Megan Miles

Editor’s note: Brevard Public Schools policy prohibits the inclusion of middle-schoolers’ last names on district-sponsored websites.