Junior Class loses another sponsor

Kayelee Embry, Staff Writer

For the second time this year, the Junior Class has lost its faculty sponsor, putting the brakes on fund-raising. Former chemistry teacher Gabrielle Powers was the Junior Class’ first sponsor, but did not return to teaching this year. Mrs. McClendon, new teacher to West Shore, took up the position as soon as the school year began.  Just when things started to move along Mrs. McClendon had too busy of a schedule and had to resign from the position.

Many students, especially officers of the junior class, were shocked and upset by these changes.

Secretary of the junior class Alyssa S. Feliciano was certainly one of those people distraught by the situation.

“It was really disheartening because at he end of last year, we had so many good things planned and losing Ms. Powers was a little rough,” said Feliciano. “Once we thought we were doing good with Mrs. McClendon, she left so its been pretty stressful.”

Since this occurred, the junior class got a new class sponsor Mr. Klassen, the new chemistry teacher, and are still very hopeful and eager to continue the year.